Tuesday, 28 April 2015

We're On Your Side

Copyrite Systems’ Managed Print Service proposition, ManageRite, means that our clients can focus on their core business while saving money.

ManageRite Business Benefits
  • Potential cost saving of up to 30% on printing costs
  • Reduction in paper wastage - around 17% of printed paper is wasted in the workplace
  • Deployment energy-efficient multifunctional printers
  • Relocation of the most efficient machines to the most demanding departments
  • Replacement one-per-workstation printers with workgroup printers
  • Consolidation of the number of printers and supplies to reduce overheads
  • Smart, remote printer monitoring frees up office staff time for more vital tasks

When Times Get Rough

We specialise in helping our clients to resolve their print management issues.  For the majority of Copyrite Systems clients, their existing print estate is made up of ageing and ad hoc desktop equipment that is expensive to run and maintain.  We worked with these clients to describe and quantify the following business objectives:

  • To increase user capability and productivity
  • To resolve recurring printer maintenance issues
  • To manage what users print
  • To reduce overall printer running costs

Without impacting normal client operations, Copyrite Systems installs a device agent on to the client’s network that captures a full audit of print asset information and print throughputs.  These typically indicate that a significant number of the client’s devices are functionally redundant, and that the client’s requirements could be more efficiently served through the strategic placement of multi-function devices in key areas.

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Prior to engaging with us, a sizeable number of our clients tolerated years of poor or inadequate print management arrangements; circumstances that occupied valuable time and which deflected attention from their principal purpose: serving the needs of customers and end-users.  As well as wasting both money and resources, these operational inefficiencies significantly dampen organisational capability, creativity and enthusiasm.

Copyrite Systems works collaboratively with clients, by providing advice and leadership; we help them transition to a best practice environment delivering maximum value.